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Evening Hike

Nate and I made a quick jaunt out to the Hillside Trail of the MN Valley National Wildlife Refuge after work today. The trail we took was less than a mile, but they claim it’s the equivelant to climbing 12 flights of stairs.

We made it down to Long Meadow Lake… Continue reading

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Hedges, Shrubs and Bulbous Growths

This week we made the long haul out to Chaska to check out the MN Landscape Arboretum. It’s amazing and humongous and I can’t wait to go back. In one evening there’s no way we could have seen all 1,000+ acres, or all 12+ miles of trails, so some prioritization was necessary. We did a cursory walk-through of the gardens around the buildings, because Nate was anxious to get out… Continue reading

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Little Dog at the River

Little Dog* and I had a day of errands and outings to try and squeeze the most enjoyment possible out of my last official day of summer vacation. Little dog is really good about sitting in the (shaded, window-cracked) car – we went… Continue reading

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More Biking, More Ice Cream

I’m not saying I’ve been duped, but it just occurred to me that Nate’s method of getting me to go on epic-long bike rides often involves bribery in the form of iced dairy treats. Last Sunday we embarked on the longest bike ride I’ve done so far- 22 miles round trip, from our house in St. Paul to Ikea in Bloomington.

I’m happy to say it was… Continue reading

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A Weekend in the Land of 10,000 Lakes

Although Land of 10,000 Lakes is our state motto, most Minnesotans are well aware that we actually have 11,842 substantially large bodies of water (for any of you locals who need to brush up on your aquatic facts, the DNR can provide you with plenty of brag-worthy factoids).

As I mentioned earlier, we spent… Continue reading

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Little Trips – Lake Harriet

I’ve been feeling bad lately that some business at work and some projects around the house have kept us from being as adventurous as I’d hoped for the summer- at least as far as seeking out new activities around town.

However, I also realize that I need to be more appreciative of some of the less exciting, but… Continue reading

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Top 6 Reasons to Go Biking with Your Spouse

Reason #6: They will write about it. Nevermind about that “sneak peek,” – turns out Nate beat me to the punch with his own post.

Reason #6: They might bring their phone along, and let you take photos with it. This is true. I hate carrying my phone if I… Continue reading

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Sneak Peek

Here’s a glimpse at what we’ve been up to lately:

we're headed west

The MRT along Shepard Road

A more detailed post to follow. I’m off to try and fill a preschool class, know of any 4-year-olds in need of schooling?… Continue reading

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More adventures on the MRT

Since our first bike excursion, Nate and I have done on a few more two-wheeled outings (actually, he’s gone on quite a few, and I’ve accompanied him on a smaller few). I am becoming more and more a fan of the bike paths along the Mississippi River.

nice, hm?
 St. Croix
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Ball Games

looks nice, hm?

By Nate612 (Nate) [Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons"

I’m not the biggest baseball fan, but if you are, and you were to visit the Twin Cities, we would have plenty of options for you. Here’s the entire continuum you could experience in our fine metropolitan area:


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